How to determine what the MsgType in the MobMsgQue means


This article is intended to help troubleshoot issues with the MobMsgQue in ESC. This table is used to track dispatch status notifications, emails to your technicians and SageQuest/Reveal+ updates.


Here is a list of each of the message types and an explanation of what they do.

MsgType Meaning 

0 Text message
1 Dispatch change
2 GPS position request
3 Remove dispatch
4 Replace dispatch
5 Push a new job to tech
6 Inventory adjustment
7 SageQuest/Reveal+ Cancelled
8 SageQuest/Reveal+ Add
9 SageQuest/Reveal+ Start
10 SageQuest/Reveal+ Suspend
11 SageQuest/Reveal+ Close
12 SageQuest/Reveal+ Change Tech
13 SageQuest/Reveal+ Update
14 Service Frequency Create
15 Service Frequency Set Active
16 Service Frequency Complete
17 Service Frequency Cancel
18 Service Frequency Send Update Customer
19 Send an email to customer telling of a status change
20 Logs usage of a specific feature in ESC - Msg formed as Product \t Version \t Feature
21 Push notification out to mobile tech saying a dispatch has been assigned
22 Generic push notification to tech - not used at the moment

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