How to Allow the ESC Connections Server through a Proxy Server


If a user has installed the ESC Connections Server on a computer within a network that employs a proxy server, the following ESC modules will not work: ESC Mobile, American Home Shield, Fleetmatics, or any current or future ESC module that will make a web request to outside of the local network.

Cause of Issue:

The ESC Connections Server was never designed to work with or through a proxy server and cannot be made to work in this networking environment. A proxy server allows for deep control of web access and regulates Internet/Network Traffic and will cause the ESC Connections Server to have connection failures.


Install the ESC Connections Server onto the specific computer that is acting as the proxy server and allow the ESC Connections Server proper access to the Internet through any firewalls if applicable. Installing the Connections Server to any other computer will result in connection problems.

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