Could not post cost tax journal entry for invoice


When posting an invoice from ESC to QuickBooks a user may get the following error:

Could not post cost tax journal entry for invoice 'xxxxxxxxxx':

Insufficient permission level to perform this action.

After clicking OK to the error, it is found that the invoice did post to QuickBooks without any cost journal entries and can still be edited in ESC. Attempting to post the invoice additional times will yield duplicate invoices in QuickBooks.

Cause of Error:

This issue can occur when using the Direct Connect method of connectivity between ESC and QuickBooks along with a user that has limited permissions within QuickBooks itself.


To correct the problem, within QuickBooks give the user "Full Access" or "Selective Access" permissions within the Sensitive Accounting Activities section. The user must be able to at least create sensitive accounting transactions in QuickBooks. Other permissions and accesses are also required and if errors occur when posting from ESC, it is advised to provide the user with the necessary permissions in QuickBooks or switch to the ESC Accounting Server connection method.

Additional Information:

QuickBooks does not have a transaction roll-back if something fails during a multi-transaction posting. As a result, ESC cannot stop the posting of duplication invoices with a user that has improper permissions and the Direct Connect Method. This is a limitation of the integration.

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