Setup Mobile Manager for a New User


The ESC Mobile Manager app for Android and iOS gives you the ability to create and manage dispatches from the field, while keeping an eye on your technicians.  

There's just a tiny bit of setup you'll need to do before you can dive into the ESC Mobile Manager app and begin working with your technicians and customers.

Setup Your Mobile Manager User

First thing's first - let's get your user setup for the Management features.

  1. Navigate to Company → Setup Users.
  2. If you already have your own user, double-click on that user name. Otherwise, you'll need to create a new user. Remember: ADMIN cannot be used for ESC Mobile.
  3. Under the Security Options screen for your user, be sure to select Login as a mobile user first, then select Enable Mobile Management. If you wish to use the mapping capabilities of the app, select Enable Maps. Once you have made your selections, click Finish. Your user is now setup as a Mobile Manager.


Install the ESC Mobile Manager App

Now it's time to install the app on your device. ESC Mobile Manager is available on any Apple device using iOS 7 or higher, and on any Android device using Android 4.0 or higher. Head to the App Store or Google Play Store on your device and search for 'dESCO'. Select "ESC Mobile Manager" and tap the installation option. Once the download completes, select the Open option from the current screen.

Time to sign in! Tap on the Set up your account option on the screen.

You will now be asked for three things: Server ID, User Name and Password. Your Server ID is provided to you by our team when you first purchase ESC Mobile and can be found in your ESC Connections Server Administrator under the Connection Details section. (This is the same as your dESCO account number.) The User Name and Password will be for the user you previously set up in ESC.

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