How Can I Email a Statement to a Single Customer?


Being able to send out a group of finance statements by email each month is great.  It saves you time, money and effort.  But you're also bound to get that call..."I didn't get it, can you send it again?"  

The first thing you'll definitely want to do is confirm that you have the correct email address for your customer and that it is set to receive billing information.  You can do that by opening the customer's profile and navigating to the Location tab.  Here, you can correct the email address, if necessary, and make sure the Email Task field next to their email address says "All" or "Billing".  

With that done, you'll head to the Activities menu and click on Display Statement

You can navigate through the statements on a Monthly basis, or view the customer's Entire History.  Clicking the Email button will allow you to send just that customer's statement to the email address you have on record for them.  

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