ESC Mobile Tech: Creating Dispatches


We all know that equipment doesn't break only during business hours. That's why you need the ability to handle your customers' needs any time of the day, from anywhere. And that's exactly what ESC Mobile allows you to do!  Right from your mobile device, you can view a customer's information and generate dispatches for them.  

To access the Customers section, tap the Dispatching button at the top of the Current Dispatches screen; select the Customers option that appears.

In the Customers section, you'll start off with only a single search field. This is where you will enter the criteria by which you want to find the customer you need. Enter the customer's information - which can be a name, address or phone number - and then tap the Search button. A list of customers that match that criteria will appear, tap one to open their information.


To dispatch a technician to this customer, tap the Add Dispatch button on the navigation bar.

Enter a purchase order number (if you have one) and the Dispatch Notes. The Promise Date will automatically be set for today and the Promise Time will be set for the Default Lead Time that is setup in ESC - which is generally 60 minutes from the time the dispatch was created.

Tap the Create Dispatch button when you are finished and that dispatch will be available in your Dispatch List.


To view the Dispatch List and begin work on this new dispatch, switch back to the Dispatches section.

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