How to Pay Bills in ESC Accounting?


To pay bills, go to Vendors → Pay Bills.

All unpaid bills entered through Accounts Payable will show up on this screen, as well as Additions and Deductions from Payroll that had vendors tied to them, and any items that were entered to an account that had a Vendor for accrual tied to the account.

First select the Account you want to pay from - usually a checking account or a credit card account. When the account is selected, the current balance in that account will appear in the Balance field on the right of the screen.

Next, enter the date you want on the payment(s). Now select the check Status: 

  • To be printed – This will send the check to the print queue where you can print the check whenever you’d like from Banking → Print Checks. Note that the journal entry for these checks will not be recorded until the checks are printed.
  • Print checks now – As soon as you click Save, the Print Checks screen will open and you will see all checks that are waiting to be printed.
  • Mark as already printed – When you click Save and have this status selected you will be asked for the starting check number. After the transaction is saved it will be in the Account Register as a completed check.

The Pay Bills screen allows you to quickly select bills that you want to pay. You can select what bills to pay individually by clicking on the box in the Pay column, or you can use the Quick select bills to pay feature which allows you to have ESC auto-select bills that fall under a certain vendor and/or are due on or before a certain day.  When the quick select option is selected the following screen appears.

  • If you choose just a vendor with no date it will select all bills for that vendor.
  • If you choose just a date with no vendor it will select all bills due on or before that date.
  • If you choose a vendor and a date it will select bills for that vendor due on or before that date.

As bills are selected for payment, the payment amount for each bill is shown on each line, as well as the total of all bills selected (less discounts) in the Selected field.  The ending balance of the account if all selected bills are paid will also be displayed.

The Discount can be edited, if required, by changing the discount amount on that line item. When you are finished selecting items to pay, click Save. The checks will now print, are in the queue to be printed or are in the check register as printed, depending on the status selected.

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