How Do I Memorize Invoice and Quote Templates?


This article will show you how to create invoice and quote templates based on whether you want to save the templates using your current inventory prices, a fixed flat rate price or a markup from your current costs. See the list below to learn how to configure the templates the way you want.

Memorize Templates

  1. To memorize the parts on an invoice or quote, you'll begin by creating a starting invoice or quote.  Be sure to add all necessary parts to the transaction. 
  2. Go to Activities → Memorize Template.

  3. Name your template.
  4. Click Memorize.

Loading Templates

  1. When you're ready to create a new invoice using a memorized template, you'll start by selecting the customer.  
  2. Head to Activities → Load Template.
  3. Click on the template you want to apply to this invoice.
  4. Click the Select button.

Current Inventory Prices

By default, when an invoice or quote template is saved in ESC, the prices of inventory items are NOT saved with the template. So to use current inventory prices, simply enter your parts on the invoice or quote normally and save the template by going to Activities → Memorize Template.

Fixed Flat Rate Price

While inventory prices are not saved with the template, billing code prices are. So to create a flat rate invoice that will always be the same price regardless of whether your part prices change or not do the following:
•Add all the parts you need on the invoice/quote. Do not change the price as this will have no effect on the template.
•After adding all the parts add a discount billing code set for 100%.
•Add another billing code, typically an Other type, called "Total" or something similar and set the price on it to be the flat rate you want to charge the customer.
•Print this out on an invoice/quote form that does not show the prices for each line item.

Markup From Current Costs

This option is similar in setup to Fixed Flat Rate Price, but the last billing code is changed to be a material markup type. Enter the markup percentage on this line and memorize the template by going to Activities → Memorize Template.

What's Included?

Not Saved

  • No fields in the invoice header or on the Technician, Equipment or Documents tabs will be saved in the template.
  • The prices of inventory items are not memorized. This means you will never have to update your templates when your inventory pricing changes. The prices will be updated automatically.
  • Likewise, the cost of inventory items is not memorized. When a template is loaded it will automatically show the average cost of the item. If this is an invoice template the cost will be updated when the invoice is saved to show the cost that actually came out of inventory. This could be different from the average cost if you are using FIFO or Last Purchase Price as your inventory valuation method.
  • Markup percentages are not saved for inventory items so that the pricing you have setup in inventory will be applied automatically.


  • Part numbers, descriptions, quantities, flat rate level, job classes, tax and print check boxes are all saved as part of the template.
  • Prices will be saved for billing codes. Since the prices of billing codes cannot be automatically updated, ESC allows you to save these settings with the template. This allows you to set fixed prices for things like subcontractor labor, permits, total job price, etc. The same thing holds true for costs associated with billing codes.
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