ESC Mobile Manager: Schedule a Dispatch


The ESC Mobile Manager's most important capability is that it allows you to track your technicians and manage their schedules from your mobile device.  You can view any dispatch or any customer and schedule technicians for when and where they need to be.

Dispatches assigned to your technicians will appear on the dispatch board under the technician's name.  Unassigned dispatches will appear horizontally across the bottom of the screen.  

To select a dispatch tap on it.  The dispatch's information will appear in the Dispatch panel.  From here you can view more information about the customer and the dispatch, such as the customer's history, equipment, documents or the details of the dispatch itself.  To schedule - or reschedule - the dispatch, tap the Edit Dispatch button.  

Select the technician you wish to assign the dispatch to - and then set the Scheduled for date and time.  If you wish to add any notes to the dispatch, you may do so now.  Click Update Dispatch when you're done.

If you have the Google Maps integration enabled for your user, you may also click on the Map tab above the Dispatch panel to see where the dispatch is located and where your technicians are currently.  

If your technicians are using ESC Mobile Tech on their devices, you'll be able to track their locations on the GPS Location view of the map.  The Availability view - at the bottom - will allow you to view the area around the dispatch and will display any technician that has an opening in their schedule large enough to accommodate that call.  This makes assigning dispatches fast and easy.

Simply tap on the name of the technician you want to assign the dispatch to and the map will show you a suggested route and approximate travel time.  Tap the Schedule option to assign the dispatch.

In the Edit Dispatch panel, you may add any information necessary to the dispatch before tapping the Save option.  

Once the dispatch has been scheduled, all you have to do is tap the Back button to return to the Dispatch Board.


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