ESC Mobile Laptop: Working with Dispatches


The primary focus of the ESC Mobile Laptop client is to take care of the customers whenever and however necessary.  This means the ability to create, schedule and complete dispatches.  Within a dispatch, you can create and edit invoices and quotes, add and edit equipment information and even collect payments.  

It all begins with the Dispatch List.  When you log into ESC Mobile Laptop for the first time, you'll be presented with at least the Dispatches option - although you may have up to three options on the home page.  Each option will be shown or hidden depending on the user's permissions.

Click on the Dispatches button to display a list of dispatches currently assigned to your user.

Each dispatch will be displayed by its Location Name, and will include the Promised Date and Time.  The Priority for each will also be displayed to the left of the dispatch so the user knows which ones need to be handled promptly.    

Tapping on a dispatch in the list will download the details of that dispatch to the computer and display the Dispatch Details screen.

From the Details screen, you'll have all of the information specific to this dispatch: Location Name, Address, Contact information, Tasks, Promised Date and Time, Priority, Terms and the Dispatch Notes.  You'll also be able to view and change your status.

If you click the Map button at the top of the screen, you'll be provided with a map of the area that shows you exactly where the address is located, making navigating neighborhoods easier.

You can also tap the Notes button at the top to add your own notes to the dispatch.

To the left of the screen, you'll have several more options to choose from.  You can view, add and edit the customer's equipment records, view their prior dispatches and invoices in the History section, view any Agreements they may have with your company, see any documents they have attached to their record and add pictures in the Documents section, create a quote or invoice, collect payments and view the overall Summary of the dispatch.  

Each time the status of the dispatch is updated, ESC Mobile Laptop will attempt to synchronize its information with the office.  If it is unable to gain access to the internet at that time, the information will be cached and sent once a connection is able to be made.


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