How Do I Record Payments?


Note: The following feature discussion is not available if you are using QuickBooks or Sage 50 as your accounting package.

ESC's Payments screen allows you to accept a variety of payments and credits and even apply a single payment to multiple invoices.  Payments made at the time the invoice is created can be entered directly on the Sales Invoicing screen using the Tender button. Prepayments should be made on the Enter Prepayments screen instead.

  1. Start by heading to Receivables → Enter Payments.
  2. In the Customer field, type the customer's name or use the down arrow to open the Customer Search screen to select your customer.
  3. Enter the Date of the payment.  This will default to the current date, but can be manually changed.  
  4. Select your Payment Method.  If you are reconciling a credit memo to an invoice, select the "Credit" option.
  5. Enter the payment information: if you're recording a credit card payment, you'll enter the card information.  If you're entering a check payment, you'll enter the check number.
  6. While you can enter the payment amount in the Amount field, you can also enter the payment amount in the Amount to Pay field next to the invoice being paid.  This is especially useful if you are entering a single payment for more than one invoice.  When you enter the Amount to Pay total, the Amount field will automatically add up the total of the payment.  
  7. When the payment has been entered and tied to an invoice (or invoices), click Save.  

If you are currently integrated with Cayan for the purpose of charging credit cards, you'll select the credit card you'll be charging as your Payment Type and then click Save and Charge when you are done to enter the card into the Cayan Merchant Portal.  See the Charging Credit Cards topic for more details on how to set this up and use it.

Note:You will only be able to apply one payment method at a time. So if a customer owes you $536.95 but writes you a check for $536.59 by mistake, you will have to enter the check payment first and save it. Then recall the customer again and use a credit payment method to clear the last $0.36.

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