ESC Front Office: Customer Interface


Granting Customers Access to Front Office

Before a customer can use Front Office they must be invited to do so. This simple process is described below.

  1. Locate the customer in the Customer Center and open their profile.
  2. Select the desired location and make sure the customer's email address is correct. The email field cannot be blank or invalid or the customer will not receive the invitation.
  3. Click the Activities button on the right hand side of the screen and select Manage Front Office Account.
  4. Click the Set as Administrator option if desired. Customers without Administrator privileges will not be able to edit their customer information or view/pay invoices.
  5. Click Generate Password to create a secure password for the customer.
  6. Click Send Password to send the customer an invitation to use the Front Office (configured on the Messages tab of the Configure Front Office screen).
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Save on the customer screen.

Configuration Note - When you are first setting up Front Office we highly recommend creating a test customer with your email address. Use it to test your Front Office configuration extensively before rolling it out to your customers.


The Customer Interface

Here is a list of common tasks that customers can perform using the Front Office and instructions on how to accomplish them.

Logging on

To access the Front Office the customer should reference the invitation you sent them. It should contain the web address of the Front Office as well as the customer's user name and password. You should strongly encourage your customers to bookmark your Front Office page so they can return to it easily in the future.

If a customer loses their password they can simply click the I Lost My Password link on the main page and have it automatically sent to them again.


Logging Out

To log out of the Front Office the customer should click the Logout button in the upper right-hand corner of the Front Office Home Page.

Note: The customer will be automatically logged out of the Front Office if twenty minutes pass with no activity.

Request Service

Click the Request Service link on the Front Office home page to log a dispatch to the default technician on your dispatch board. The customer will be taken through a series of screens that will ensure you know why they are requesting service, when they would like it and who to contact if necessary.

Pay Invoices

This option is only available if the customer is set as an Administrator.

To pay all outstanding invoices the customer can click the quick Pay Now button on the Home page. This will take them directly to the PayPal site.

To view individual invoices and select them for payment customers should click the Invoices to be Paid link from the Home page instead.

View / Update Customer Information

This option is only available if the customer is set as an Administrator.

Click the Customer Information link on the Home page to access this screen which will allow you to change the customer's information.

View Equipment or Service Agreements

Click the Service Agreements or Equipment Information links on the Home page to see more information about either topic.

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