Update the ESC Accounting Server


This page will walk you though upgrading your ESC Accounting Server to the latest patch level. This should be done as new patches are released to make sure everything functions flawlessly. We recommend doing this during a slow point in your day, because although this process is relatively quick, ESC will not be able to communicate with your accounting software for the duration of this process. This will not create any problems, but it can cause ESC to work slowly while the upgrade is being performed.

Remove the Accounting Server

The first step in upgrading the ESC Accounting Server is to uninstall it. This process is completely safe and will not affect your data in any way.

  1. Close any open programs - including the Accounting Server.
  2. Click the Windows Start button and select Control Panel.
  3. Click Programs and Features.
  4. Click ESC Accounting Server and then click Uninstall on the toolbar.
  5. Once the uninstall is complete, close the Programs and Features and Control Panel windows.

Install the ESC Accounting Server

  1. Close any open programs, including ESC.
  2. Click the button below to download the installation package. Save the file somewhere you can find it easily (such as your desktop or download folder).

  3. When the download is complete, start the installation by opening the zipped folder named ESC Accounting Server.zip.
  4. Inside the zip folder, double-click the next folder named ESC Accounting Server.
  5. Next, you'll see two files; double-click on the setup.exe file.
  6. After you will be prompted by Windows that Windows protected your PC; this is fine, click More info and then click Run anyway.
  7. Accept all the defaults as you go through the wizard. You do not need to do anything during the course of the wizard other than click the Next button.
  8. Run the ESC Accounting Server by going to the Windows Start button and selecting Programs → dESCO → ESC Accounting Server.

The ESC Accounting Server will remember your previous settings so you can connect it normally at this point. Nothing special needs to be done to your accounting software.

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