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If you have ESC's Accounting package, you'll have the ability to print checks and stubs for your vendors and employees.  Along with that features is the ability to choose and customize the layout of those checks and stubs.  

Below is a list of forms you may download and import into your database for use with pre-printed checks and stubs.  All forms are available for purchase at in the Checks and Envelopes section.


How do I import these forms into my ESC database?

  1. Download and extract the zipped check/stub templates from below.
  2. Go to File → Print Options → Forms.
  3. Click Import next to the Check or Stub form you wish to import a template for.
  4. Navigate to the directory in which you stored your downloaded and extracted templates and select the appropriate template for this form.
  5. Click OK.
  6. If you wish to customize this form to suit your needs, click the Customize option.
  7. When finished, click OK on the Print Options window.
290 - 3 Part, Check on Top    
  AP 290L
  AP Long 290L or 294L
  Normal 290L (no extra)
  Normal 290L (with extra)
  PR 290L
  PR Long 290L or 294L
805 - 3 Part, Check in Middle    
  AP 805L
  Normal 805L (no extra)
  Normal 805L (with extra)
  PR 805L
Direct Deposit - Full Page    
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