There Is No Disk in the Drive.


Description of Error:

There Is No Disk in the Drive.

This error will appear randomly and repeatedly within ESC. This error may appear while navigating ESC, connecting your Accounting Server, or even while your machine is unattended.

Cause of Error:

This is actually a Windows error message. There are multiple causes of this particular error message:

•You have a removable drive configured as drive letter “C”.
•You have a writable removable disk drive that currently does not have any media in it.
•You installed a program or ran updates while a removable disk was connected to your machine.


1.Safely eject any removable disk or removable drive from your machine (this includes CDs, DVDs, USB drives, Zip drives, etc.).
2.Run any pending updates (Windows, QuickBooks, etc.).
3.Reboot Windows.
4.If the error continues to occur, uninstall ESC, download the ESC workstation client directly to the computer and then install ESC from the computers native hard drive - not a USB or Network drive.

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