How To Setup ArgoTrak Integration with ESC


ArgoTrak is a vehicle GPS monitoring service with real-time GPS vehicle tracking on land and sea, fast and clear reporting, and a user-friendly web interface.  By offering a variety of services on a contract-free basis, ArgoTrak is changing the GPS monitoring game.  Even better, it can connect with your ESC database to provide you accurate technician positions on your maps.  

To learn more about the benefits and sign up for a demo, simply reach out to your Customer Success Representative at (1-800-226-7529).


When you first sign up with ArgoTrak, you will be provided a security token from dESCO.  You'll want to contact Support at (1-800-226-7529) to make sure ArgoTrak integration is added to your user license.  Once that's all squared away, you're ready to enable the ArgoTrak integration!

  1. Head to your server computer and look for our ESC Connections Server Administrator icon in your Windows System Tray.

  2. Right-click on the ESC Connections Server Administrator icon and select Setup.
  3. Under the Settings section, click the Apply button.  This will refresh the ESC Connections Server service and pull in your latest license settings; thus enabling the ArgoTrak settings.  
  4. Once the ESC Connections Server returns to normal, the In-Truck GPS tab should become available for you to click on.
  5. Copy and paste the Security Token you received from ESC Tech Support into the Security Token field. You will also need to fill in the Client Name field with your company name exactly as it is displayed by ArgoTrak.  

  6. Click the Apply button.  Once the ESC Connections Server is done refreshing, you may click the Close button.  
  7. Now it's time to match up your drivers.  To do this, you'll need to sign into your ArgoTrak account.  
  8. On the ArgoTrak Dashboard, click the Drivers option.

  9. On the same computer, sign into ESC and go to Dispatch → Enter Technicians.  This will display a list of your technicians in ESC along with their 4-digit Technician ID number.  This ID will be used as the Driver ID in ArgoTrak.
  10. Back in ArgoTrak, you will click on the pencil icon next to each driver and enter the 4-digit Technician ID shown in ESC into the Driver ID field in ArgoTrak.  **Must use all four digits!

  11. Click Save.  


How It Works

The ArgoTrak integration allows the drivers being tracked by ArgoTrak to appear on the map within ESC's Electronic Dispatch Board.  

Every three minutes, a new longitude and latitude will be imported to ESC from ArgoTrak and will be used to display the technician's position on the Current GPS Location view of the map.  


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