How To Setup Microsoft Exchange 365 with ESC


How To - Setup Your Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Exchange to work with ESC


Microsoft Office 365’s Hosted Exchange stores email outside of a local network which gives users the ability to access their email from anywhere over the Internet. It is possible to use this email system to process emails sent out of ESC for the purposes of sending customers invoices, vendors purchase orders and technicians dispatches.

Before you begin, you will need a valid Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Exchange email accounts information which includes the full email address and the associated password.


1. In ESC, go to Company → System Setup → Email tab.

2. Within the General tab, enter these settings:

SMTP Server:
Login User/Password: Enter your valid email credentials
Port: 587
Login Method: Auth Login
Use SSL: Check this box
Use STARTTLS: Check this box

3. Next, still in the Email tab, click on the Addresses sub-tab and be sure to enter in an email display name and a return email address for Invoice Forms, Purchase Orders and Status Notifications.

4. Lastly, if you plan on emailing dispatch information to your technicians, click on the Tech Emails tab and fill out the user name, user email address and subject for email. You may check the box of the fields you want to email out on dispatches or leave them all unchecked if not using this feature.

Exchange Permissions

The email address used in the General section of the Email tab must have "Send As" permissions enabled in Exchange for all of the email addresses that may be used to send data out of ESC.  For example, if a user emails an invoice to a customer from ESC, that message will use the Return Address entered in the Addresses section of the Email tab.  If the primary email address does not have permission to 'Send As' that Return email address, then an error will be returned and the message will not be sent.

More information on these permissions can be viewed here.

Additional Information

To be able to email out of ESC, be sure that your technicians, customers and vendors all have valid email addresses assigned to their records in the program.

NOTE: If you are having difficulty getting your Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Exchange to work with ESC, we would recommend contacting Microsoft for further assistance as it will be beyond our technical ability to troubleshoot connectivity problem.

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