How Do I Find My Mobile Invoices?


Once you get started with ESC Mobile, you'll find that your technicians are able to handle more in the field and leave you less to do in the office.  Technicians are able to make notes, update their statuses, add equipment and build quotes and invoices right on the customer's front step.  When they are done, they'll mark their dispatch Complete and all of that information shoots right back to the office.  But what happened to the invoice they issued to the customer?

Invoices created in the field need to be imported individually into ESC.  This means that someone has the opportunity to review the items and descriptions added and can make adjustments to the invoice, such as changing the Department and setting the Salesperson.  This also means that what technicians do in the field will not immediately affect your financials.

An invoice will not return to the office until all technicians on the dispatch have been marked complete.  Then, to retrieve that invoice, you'll head to the Invoice List.  Click the Add button on the toolbar and select Import from Mobile.

The screen that appears will show you all invoices that have been created on mobile devices.  To import an invoice, select it in the list on the top half of the screen.  The items included on that invoice will be displayed in the bottom half.  This allows you to quickly review the invoice before saving it into your system.  While the invoice is highlighted, you may change the Invoice Form that it will import with by selecting a new one from the drop-down menu at the bottom-left of this screen.

Once the invoice is open in the Sales Invoicing screen, you may make any changes necessary to the invoice before clicking Save.  Once the invoice is saved, it is removed from the Import from Mobile screen.  Please note that the associated dispatch may not be reactivated once an invoice has been imported.  This is to prevent duplicate invoices or dispatches that cannot be imported.

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