How Can I Get Rid Of Open Purchase Orders?


There are a lot of reasons why you may have open purchase orders hanging around in your database.  Perhaps they were created but never sent to the vendor, or perhaps those orders have already been received, but not handled in ESC.  Whatever the reason, there are ways you can take care of those.

When you first open the PO List - found on the icon bar and under the Vendors menu - all purchase orders created within the past 7 days will be displayed, regardless of their status.  Click the current view on the toolbar to open the Views panel.  Here, you can select Open Purchase Orders and all orders that are still open in your system will be displayed in the list.

To open an order, double-click on it in the list.  In the Purchase Order screen, each item that has been 'Received' from this purchase order will show the quantity received in the Received column just to the right of the Quantity column.  If you do not see the Received column at all, then no items have been received from this order.  

Receive Items

A purchase order is considered 'Complete' when all items ordered have been received into ESC.  Receiving items will increase the quantity in stock for those items.  Therefore, if you were to complete a batch of purchase orders just to clear them out of the Open Purchase Orders list, then you may end up skewing your inventory quantities.  If you're sure that the items have been received by your company and you wish to correct the quantities in ESC, you may open the order and click Save and Receive on the toolbar.  In the Receive Items screen, click the Receive All button on the toolbar.  Be sure to update the cost and quantity fields to the best of your knowledge before clicking the Save button.  

Unless you wish to create a vendor's bill for this transaction, do not click Save and Bill.

Delete Unused Orders

An alternative to receiving the orders would be to delete any unneeded orders.  If no items have been received from an order and you don't wish to receive items from it, it can be safely deleted.  You can do this by opening the order in the Purchase Order screen and clicking the Delete button on the toolbar.  If at least one item on the order has been received, ESC will not let this purchase order be deleted.  

Receive Zero Orders

If you find that you are stuck with a great deal of purchase orders that have been partially received, but you don't want to receive the remaining items you can remove those items from the purchase order.  Unfortunately, removing the remaining items won't close the order automatically, but it does allow you to receive what's left of the order without messing with your inventory counts.  Let's take a better look at this process.  

  1. Double-click on an order in the PO List to open it in the Purchase Order screen.
  2. Remove all items from the order that are not shown as received.  If the Quantity field is showing higher than the Received field, reduce the Quantity to match the number in the Received field.
  3. Add 'DESC' to the order as an item.  DESC is a generic billing code.  Using a billing code as an item will prevent the order from altering any inventory counts in your database.  
  4. Enter an explanation for these changes in the Description field for the DESC code.  This will help anyone who stumbles upon this order later to understand what changes have been made and why.
  5. Click the Save and Receive button on the toolbar.  This will save your changes to the order and open the order in the Receive Items screen.
  6. In the Receive Items screen, click the Receive All button.  Only the DESC item should show as being received at this time if all other items were removed on the previous screen.
  7. Click the Save button.  


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