How Do I Reset the ADMIN Password?


Once upon a time, you made the wise decision to place your business in the hands of ESC and handed the reigns to Secretary Sue.  Secretary Sue setup all of your users, billing codes, customers, agreements, inventory and purchase orders.  She learned every in-and-out of the software and handled everything smoothly and efficiently.  Then she won the lottery and was never seen or heard from again.  

Now you need take over the management of that database, but she didn't leave you the ADMIN password!

Step 1: Hire Secretary Sandy (who doesn't gamble).

Step 2: Log in as any other user and go to Company → Setup Users.

If you're able to access that screen, you may double-click on the ADMIN user to view (and preferrably change) the ADMIN password.  If you weren't able to get in with your user credentials, someone else's credentials may work - if you can get them, try them.  

Still can't get in?  It's time to call in the experts at dESCO's award-winning support team:  1-800-226-7529.  

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