How Do I Setup GMail in ESC?


While most email servers are happy to send your emails wherever you want to view them, GMail is a little too preoccupied with protecting you.  Which isn't necessarily a bad thing in this era of spam and hackers, but it can make it difficult to work with.  While we can't promise they'll ever fall in love, we can help you to make GMail and ESC at least get-along with each other.  

First thing's first, you'll need to log into your GMail account at (or and allow third-party programs to access your account.

  1. Click the Settings button and select Settings.

  2. Click on Accounts and Import.
  3. Click on the Other Google Account Settings option in the Change Account Settings section.

  4. Under Sign-in & Security click on Connected apps & sites.

  5. Set Allow less secure apps to "ON".  This will take effect immediately and you may simply close the screen.

Now log into ESC to connect the program with your GMail account.

  1. Go to Company → System Setup.

  2. Click on the Email tab.
  3. Under the General tab, enter the following settings:
  • Email Provider: GMail
  • Login User: Your full email address.
  • Password: The password to your GMail account.

  • In the Addresses sub-tab, fill in your Display Name and Return Email address for each section.  The Return Email Address will need to be the same as the email address under the General tab.  This is because GMail does not allow 'Send As' addresses and only allows a Return Address that is the same as the Sending address.

  • Switch to the Test sub-tab and click the Send Test Email button.  You should receive a confirmation email in your GMail inbox.  Once this occurs, you may click OK on the System Setup box.
  • Note: If you are seeing a "password incorrect" or error message when setting up your Gmail, you may need to set up, or disable, an App Password through Gmail. Please refer to their support, using the following article, for assistance. Click Here

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