I Have An Invoice in QuickBooks, But It's Not In ESC...


The integration between ESC and QuickBooks allows the two programs to work together in unison while each plays their own role.  ESC handles your services and combines the charges and costs onto an invoice that is then sent to QuickBooks for collection and financial reporting.  

Because the invoices are created in ESC and posted to QuickBooks manually, it's not normally a big surprise when you stumble across an invoice in ESC that doesn't appear to have made it to the QuickBooks side.  It's a little less common to find an invoice in QuickBooks that can't be found in ESC.  So how do you handle this?

  • The most common reason for this to happen is that the invoice was deleted in ESC, but ESC could not establish a connection to QuickBooks at that time and therefore could not remove it from QuickBooks at the same time.  If this is the case, why was the invoice deleted?  Was it recreated under a different number?  Was it created for the wrong customer?  If it no longer exists in ESC, the easiest way to address this is to also delete it from QuickBooks - but before you do this you want to be absolutely sure that the invoice isn't truly owed to you by that customer.  
  • The invoice number itself may also provide a clue to the issue.  ESC's invoice numbers consist of 10 digits, which is usually the actual invoice number preceded by zeroes.  If the invoice showing in QuickBooks isn't 10-digits long, then it didn't come from ESC.  It's possible it came from another integrated software or was created directly in QuickBooks.  If it needs to be in ESC, you'll need to create it in ESC as an identical match, post it to QuickBooks and then remove the first invoice.  
  • The ESC invoice is really in ESC, but is not found because the customer that the invoice has been associated to in QuickBooks is mismatched. To find this, go into ESC and run sales reports by the exact invoice number. If a mismatch is found, you'll want to contact our award-winning support team for assistance in fixing this issue.
  • A less common explanation may be that after the invoice was posted to QuickBooks, an ESC backup was restored that eliminated the original invoice.  In this instance, you'll want to recreate the invoice in ESC, delete the duplicate in QuickBooks and then post the recreated invoice to QuickBooks.
  • If you have two ESC databases that are integrated with two QuickBooks databases, it is possible that a mix-up occurred at some point that caused ESC database "A" to become attached to QuickBooks database "B".  

Once you determine which scenario contributed to the disappearance of the ESC invoice, you'll be able to decide how best to address the issue.  If you need assistance, please contact our expert Support Team for guidance.

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