How Do I Make a New Journal Entry?


New journal entries can be created and viewed from the General Journal List, which is located directly under the Company menu.  

To create a new journal entry, click the Add Journal Entry button on the toolbar.  

This will open the Journal Entry screen.

The Journal Entry screen allows you to create journal entries on the fly. You can create an entry for any accounts in ESC (except AR accounts). You can also tie the transaction to a particular department, job, etc..

Two important features to be aware of in this screen is the Save and New and Memorize buttons. The Save and New button (or Alt + N) allows you to keep entering entries without requiring a re-entry of the screen. The Memorize button allows you to take the current journal entry transaction and create a memorized transaction from it. Once the transaction is memorized you can recreate the transaction and\or make it reoccur by going to Company → Memorized Transactions.

Learn more about Memorized Transactions here.

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