"Could Not Post Time Slip For Employee...The Pay Type Specified Does Not Exist."


The following error occurs when your ESC database is integrated with Peachtree or Sage 50 and a user is attempting to Post Time to Payroll.

Could not post time slip for employee ‘xxxx’: The pay type specified does not exist in Peachtree.

This error is caused by not having a pay rate for the employee in Peachtree/Sage 50.


To correct this, within Sage 50 go to Maintain → Employees/Sales Reps and choose the employee(s) that you are Posting Time to Payroll for, then click on the Pay Info tab. You must ensure that any of the Pay Types used within ESC have an Hourly Pay Rate with a value greater than zero. Once this is corrected, save the changes and post time to payroll again from ESC and it should now work.

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