Integrating With QuickBooks Using the Direct Connect Method


There are two ways that you can connect ESC to your QuickBooks database.  The most common method is by installing and connecting the ESC Accounting Server; which is the ideal method for offices with multiple workstations.  

The Direct Connect method, on the other hand, is primarily used for offices in which only a single computer is being used for ESC and for QuickBooks.  For the Direct Connect method to work, you’ll need to open QuickBooks first and then ESC each day and leave them both running.  While both are open, they will remain in constant communication with each other.  In this case, ESC will be able to access QuickBooks as the user that is currently logged in, which means that this user will need "Full Access" to all areas of QuickBooks in order for ESC relay information properly. 

Connecting to QuickBooks

  1. Log into QuickBooks as a Full Access user.
  2. Log into ESC.
  3. Go to File → QuickBooks Connection Wizard.

  4. On the first screen select the version of QuickBooks you will be connecting to; then click Next.

  5. Select the option that reads "Connect directly to QuickBooks".  Click Next.

  6. This screen will remind you to log into QuickBooks if you are not already.  All you need to do is click Next.

  7. You should now see a message that lets you know that the connection to QuickBooks was successful.  

    If your ESC database was previously integrated with this QuickBooks database and you are simply re-establishing the connection, you may now click the Exit button to close the wizard.  If this is the first time connecting these two databases, you will need to click Next and complete the rest of the wizard.

Next Step: Match Chart of Accounts

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