Peachtree Connection Wizard: Synchronize Tax Codes


In the Match Tax Codes screen, you will be expected to match all Sales Tax Codes in ESC with your Sales Taxes in Sage 50. Begin by clicking the Next button, and the wizard will scan both programs. It will then produce a list of Sales Tax Codes that are in ESC, but could not be found in Sage 50. You won't be able to continue until all tax codes can be found in Sage 50.

In order to match these codes properly, you will need to create these codes in Sage 50. Switch to Sage 50 and go to Maintain → Sales Taxes. There you will need to create a new Sales Tax for each individual Sales Tax Code that resides in ESC.

  1. You may enter anything you wish for the Sales Tax Agency ID, as this will not tie back to ESC, but will help to identify which tax agency you will be paying collected taxes to.  
  2. Be sure the Rate field is filled in with the same tax rate as your Sales Tax Code in ESC.
  3. Select your Sales Tax Payable account in the "Select an account..." field.
  4. Make sure the Sales Tax ID field matches the actual Sales Tax Code entered into ESC.

Once you have entered all tax codes into Sage 50, return to the Peachtree Connection Wizard and click theRefresh button.

Note: If there are still Sales Tax Codes in the list after clicking the Refresh button, then the settings for that code in Sage 50 are not a perfect match. Please review the Sales Taxes in Sage 50 to find the discrepancy. Once you have made your adjustments in Sage 50, you may return to the Peachtree Connection Wizard and click Refresh again.

If there are any Sales Taxes entered into Sage 50 that are not in ESC, you will be asked to import them. You will have two options at the bottom of this column to import one at a time or all tax codes at once.

If there are no other tax codes to be matched, you should receive a message at that point telling you "All tax codes in ESC are in Peachtree." Click Next to move on.


Next Step: Synchronize Customers

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