Caller ID Setup with a TAPI Phone System


In combination with specific services from your phone company and the appropriate hardware, ESC's Caller ID feature will enable you to instantly recall a customer's record on the Qualification screen before picking up the phone when the customer calls. A quick add feature allows rapid customer entry of phone numbers not found in the database. This is a great time saver and an easy way to increase your professional image.

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Before implementing Caller ID there are three main components you must have in place: Caller ID service from your phone company, a fully TAPI compatible phone switch with digital lines, and a license for the Caller ID service from dESCO. Contact your salesperson at 800-226-7529 to obtain your license and discuss your hardware compatibility.


TAPI Phone System Setup

You have a fully TAPI compliant phone switch with digital phone lines and all the necessary phone software installed on each client to ensure the client knows when the associated extension is ringing or has been picked up.

Setting up the ESC Caller ID module with a TAPI phone system is extremely easy to do in ESC. This is because all of the configuration and setup is done within the phone switch and we just require the ESC database to have the proper licensing for this module and then turn on the feature in the system setup.

Here the things that must be in place to integrate ESC with a phone switch:

  • To work with ESC's Caller ID, the phone switch should be configured to pair up a computer workstation's statically assigned IP address with the associated phone extension for that ESC computer. ESC’s Caller ID is dependent on this setup. This would require assigning static unchanging IP addresses to each computer and tying those computer addresses to a specific phone extension. If the BCM is not able to accommodate this configuration, it will not be compatible with ESC for Caller ID integration.
  • The TAPI driver (LAN CTE Client or similiar client) must be installed onto each computer running ESC for Caller ID to work. ESC customers may contact the person/company that sets up their phone switch to have them install these drivers or software if they are not there or they do not know how to install them. ESC uses the same TAPI drivers that Outlook uses and if an incoming call can trigger Outlook to open, it will also allow ESC's Caller ID to work as well.

Please note that some TAPI phone switches may not be compatible with ESC. ESC Technical Support cannot assist customers with the setup or configuration of phone switches as we are not qualified in that area. If you need further help regarding this, we suggest seeking the assistance of a qualified phone tech who can assist with this configuration.

  1. Start any ESC Client and log in to the desired company using the ADMIN account. 
  2. Click Company → System Setup.
  3. Click the Caller ID tab.
  4. Place a check mark in the "Enable Caller ID" check box.
  5. Set the Connection Type to "TAPI"
  6. Select the correct extension for this computer in the TAPI Device Name field.
  7. Place a check mark in the "Automatic pop-ups..."
  8. Click Save.

Using Caller ID →

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