Tech Hours Report


The Tech Hours Report is used to display or print a summary of all dispatches assigned to specified technicians over a certain period of time.  The report will show the status, total travel time, and total job time of every dispatch a technician has been assigned to for every day specified.  Dispatch numbers are included so they can be recalled later on the Dispatch Entry screen.  The Dispatch Entry screen can be reached by pulling-down the Dispatch menu, then clicking Enter Dispatches.  This is a great way to keep track of where your technicians have been and determine technician productivity.  The Tech Report can be run two ways: the Normal report, and the With Stats report.  An example of each is explained below.

Normal Report


The Normal Report shows the dispatches worked on for a given period of time, broken into the days in which the work was performed.  The times recorded on the dispatches are used to calculate the Response Time, Travel Time, and Job Time.  The difference between the Time Promised and the Dispatch Time creates the Response Time;  the difference between the Dispatch Time and Time On is the Travel Time; and the difference between the Time On and Time Off creates the Job (or Working) Time, which is also the time that appears on the invoice for the dispatch.

Report with Stats


The Tech Hours Report With Stats is identical to the normal Tech Hours Report, except that the response times, travel times, and job completion times are averaged for the day, as well as for the total time period the report is run for.  It also lists the total amount of dispatches completed for the day and time period of the report as well.


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