Customer Sort Code Analysis Report


This report displays sort code analysis in graphical format. Vertically, it displays the sort codes that are entered on the Customer Entry screen, and horizontally, it shows a bar graph for the frequency (number of times) that these sort codes have been used for all customers that have been selected. If desired, a certain customer or range of customers can be selected, and/or a certain sort code or range of sort codes may be selected to be included in the graph. The Report Title field will print at the top of the report.

For example: when customers are entered into Customer Entry, they may be assigned a sort code for the state of residence (Florida, Colorado, Indiana, etc.). When the report is printed, three bars are printed showing how many customers have each particular sort code (the code for the state of residence). Here is the resulting report:

The legend appears on the right side of the report showing the colors and which sort codes that these colors represent. Each of those sort codes are graphed horizontally showing how many customers use these sort codes.

In addition to the selection fields listed above, custom filters may be added. Right-click anywhere on this report screen, and click on Add a Filter. A more extensive list of fields will be displayed. Click on any field you may wish to use to select data for the report, and it will be shown at the bottom of the field list on the report screen. Click in the field to set it to the desired selection value. If you wish to delete a filter, click in the field, then right-click, and select Delete Current Filter.

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