Parts Required Report


The Parts Required report will print a list of parts that are needed for Service Agreements. The parts that are needed for each task are entered and listed on the Tasking Code setup screen. The Tasks are then used on the Maintenance Schedule when setting up or modifying an existing service agreement to determine the time and description of the maintenance to be performed. This report may be printed for all parts or a specific part, and for one tasking date, a range of tasking dates, or all tasking dates. To locate a specific part, click on the magnifying glass to the right of the Part field.

This is a great report to project how much of a certain inventory item you may need to have in stock to satisfy all of a future month's agreements. For example, in the HVAC world, the number of filters and belts needed for a future time period's tasks can be displayed on the Parts Required report for that time period.

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