How Do I Create a Quote?


 The ability to provide your customers with a service proposal and pricing can be a vital part of keeping your customers happy and your business profitable.  ESC not only allows you to create quotes, but also track them so you know if they were successful or not.

Quotes in ESC can be generated from a dispatch or directly from the customer's record; and can then be turned into a dispatch or into an invoice.  

From a Dispatch

Most of the time, you'll be generating dispatches from a quote.  This allows you to carry items from the quote to the dispatch and then invoice those items.  However, it may be necessary from time to time to reverse that process.  

To create a quote from a dispatch, open the dispatch and go to Activities → Create Quote.  


From the Customer

Most quotes are going to begin with a customer's call for service; so you'll most likely want to start in the Customer Center.  Search for the customer you need to build a quote for and right-click on their name; select Add Quote.  If you have the customer open on the Customer screen, you can also go to Activities → Create a Quote.

From the Quote List

Rather than locating the customer and creating a quote for them, ESC also gives you the ability to create the quote and then locate the customer.  This can be done from the Quote List.

Open the Quote List from your icon bar and then click the Add button on the toolbar, select Add Quote.  In the Customer field, begin typing the customer's name (last name first) or click the drop-down arrow in the field to open the Customer Search screen.  From there, you may fill in the quote as normal.

Adding Items to the Quote →

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