How To Create Point of Sale Invoices


Creating Point of Sale invoices for retail sales can be done from any machine connected to your ESC database.  If you have a machine with dedicated point of sale hardware - such as a cash drawer and receipt printer - that is where you'll want to generate your invoices.  

  1. Click the Invoice List button on your icon bar.  
  2. Click the Add button on the toolbar and select Point of Sales Invoice.  This will open a new invoice and automatically set the Form field to your default POS form.  

  3. Hit the Tab key on your keyboard to tab out of the Form field; ESC will automatically assign the CASH customer to this transaction for you.  If you would like to select a specific customer for this transaction, you may select them now in the Customer field.
  4. Select the person entering the invoices in the Clerk field. This field will remain the same for future invoices until it is manually changed.
  5. At this point, you may fill in any additional fields necessary to complete the invoice and then enter or scan the items being purchased.  
  6. Once the body of the invoice has been completed, click the Tender button at the bottom of the screen.

  7. Enter the payment information and make sure the Receipt button is clicked.  
    Note: If the Receipt button is grayed out, the Invoice Form is not set to POS or Credit POS type in the Invoice Form Properties screen. This screen can be reached by clicking the Form hyperlink in the invoice to open the Invoice Forms box, clicking the appropriate form and selecting Properties. Change the Invoice Type to POS or Credit POS.
  8. Click the Save button to save the transaction, print the receipt and open the cash drawer. If desired you can click the Print button instead of the receipt button to print a normal sized invoice. This will NOT open the cash drawer.


Posting to QuickBooks on the Fly

Point of Sales invoices will post to QuickBooks the same way as all other invoices (File → Post to QuickBooks).  However, in order to accommodate users that need to process credit cards through QuickBooks Merchant Services, ESC allows individual invoices to be posted over when they are saved.  To enable this option, go to Company → System Setup → Accounting and check the Post point-of-sale invoices to QuickBooks on-the-fly


Now that you've setup and begun using the Point of Sale module, you may wish to see how you're performing in that area.  You can do that by visiting the Sales Summary Report under Sales → Reports → Sales Reports.  

It is also a good idea to run the Cash Drawer Reconciliation report at the end of each day to make sure your cash drawer is exactly where it should be.  This can be done by going to Sales → Reports → Cash Drawer Reconciliation.  If you have more than one register or cash drawer, make sure you select the correct Register ID in the filter screen.


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  • It would be great if the mobile esc app had the ability to select more than one item to add to an invoice at one time, like clicking a box next to that item

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