How Do I Adjust Inventory Quantities?


The Adjust Inventory Screen

It may be necessary from time to time to adjust the quantities of an inventory item or items.  This could be for your annual (or semi-annual) physical inventory counts or because there were items received incorrectly.

  1. In ESC, go to Inventory → Adjust Inventory.  
  2. Enter the Date that the adjustment will be made (this may be when counts were performed).
  3. For the Credit Account, select what account the adjustment is going to affect in you accounting system.  If you are using ESC without an accounting integration, you may simply select the Inventory account, since no financial transactions will be recorded.  If you are integrated with QuickBooks, Sage 50 or are using ESC Accounting, you'll want to select the Credit side of the Journal Entry that will be created to record the adjustment; the Debit side will be your Inventory account.  If you want to create a 'wash', meaning that this adjustment makes no changes to your account balances at all, then you will select your Inventory account.  The Journal Entry will still be created in your accounting system, but since both sides will be affecting the same account, they will cancel each other out.
  4. Select the Warehouse that you wish to adjust.  If you will be making an adjustment for the entire warehouse, you may want to select Activities → Fill List of Warehouse Parts and select the warehouse to adjust.

  5. Begin by entering an item that you want to adjust.  
  6. In the Quantity field, enter the correct quantity that you currently possess for that item.  ESC will do the math for you, so do not enter the quantity that needs to be added, enter the quantity that you have.
  • Own a barcode scanner?  You can also choose the Scan Inventory Items option from the Activities menu and use a barcode scanner to scan the items you have in stock.  If you scan the same item more than once, the quantity for that item will automatically be incremented, so you won't have to manually type in quantities and can complete an entire adjustment with just the scanner.
  • If you enter a Serial Type part, the Quantity will automatically be set to zero. The Adjust Inventory screen will not allow you to increase the quantity of a serial item. Entering a serial item in the Adjust Inventory screen will automatically set the quantity of that item to zero and require you to select a Serial # to adjust out.  If you need to add a serial item to this warehouse, you'll need to do so in the Receive Items screen.
  • You may wish to fill in the Reason field with an explanation of what the purpose of this adjustment is.  It could be something like "Received wrong item" or "Fall Inventory".  This will print out the Adjustment Report and the Transaction Detail Report so that other users will be able to recognize the why an amount was adjusted.

  • Once all quantities have been corrected, click Save.  ESC will prompt you to print an Adjustment Report, but you can close that screen if you do not wish to print the report.

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