How Do I Tender an Invoice?


If you have already received the payment by the time you enter the invoice you may use the Tender screen to record it. This screen can be reached by clicking the Tender button in the tool bar of the Sales Invoicing screen.

Golden Rule: If you receive the payment after the invoice has already been entered you should not use the Tender screen. Enter the payment in QuickBooks or Sage 50 if you are using those integrations or on the Enter Payments screen in ESC if you are not.

Once on the Tender screen simply select the payment method used and fill out the remaining fields. If the customer is splitting the invoice between multiple payment methods, enter the first one with the desired amount then click Add Payment. This will add the payment to the Payments column and clear the entry fields for the next payment.

To save the invoice, select the print option you would like to use (Receipt, Print, Don't Print) and then click Save. The Receipt button will only be active for Point of Sale invoice types.

Point of Sale Transactions

If you are attempting to an invoice using a Cash type payment method, enter the full amount of the money given to you in the Amount Received field, even if it is more than the amount of the invoice. Click the Add Payment button and ESC will automatically calculate the change for you. If the invoice is of a Point of Sale type and you have a receipt printer and cash drawer, select the Receipt button before saving. When the payment is saved, the receipt will print and the cash drawer will open so that you may accept the cash and give back change if necessary. 

Swiping a Credit Card

If you have a Cayan Merchant account it is possible to use ESC to charge the credit card. To do so simply click the Save and Charge button after you swipe the card or manually enter the required information. See the Charging Credit Cards topic for more details on how to set this up and use it.

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