How Can I Add History Codes?


Before entering and tracking History for a customer, a list of History Codes needs to be entered.  A History Code is a quick way to describe work performed on a work site and take notes on invoices.  History Codes can be used to create permanent records in the Sales Invoicing screen and in the History tab of the Customer screen.

  1. Begin by heading to Sales → Enter History Codes.  
  2. Click Add New to create a new code, or double-click on an existing code to edit it.
  3. Select an easy Code that identifies what information it will be tracking.  Example: INSTALL could be used for tracking new system installations.
  4. You may also wish to give your code a Description, which will show on the invoice if the item is set to print.  Adding a Description is not necessary and can be done directly on the invoice when the code is used.
  5. If you plan on using this code to track usage of a particular item or service, you'll want to enter a Usage Type.  If you wish to display the amount used on the invoice, enter ## into the Description field along with the item's description.  When this code is used on an invoice and ESC prompts for the amount used, the amount you entered will immediately be included with the description text.

  6. If you are editing a code to make it inactive, you'll want to remove the Active check.  Otherwise, this should remain checked.  
  7. Click Save.


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