How Do I View the Financial Details of an Invoice?


If you want to see what is taking place financially on an invoice open the invoice and click on the Activities button at the top of the page and choose View Details.

The left half of the page shows the line items on the invoice along with the account numbers affected to the right. The Amount will go to the Income Account shown and the Ext Cost will affect the Cost Debit and Cost Credit accounts as shown by the arrows below. The sales tax is also shown broken down, if applicable, in the bottom left.

If you scroll further to the right you will see the following information. The Labor, Material and Other Sale is for Flat Rate Parts.
Usage – If an item is set up with a usage code the usage amount will appear here.
Discount % – If there is a discount applied to this invoice it will appear here.
Spiff – If the item is setup to calculate a spiff it will appear here.
Item Type – Shows whether the item is an Inventory part, billing code or History code
Part Type – If the line item is an inventory part, either Stock, Serial or Assembly will be shown here.

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