Create a new cash customer to speed up POS invoices in QuickBooks


If you are noticing slow QuickBooks posting times or a lag when modifying invoices and are using our Point of Sale (POS) system, the CASH 0000000 customer could be the reason. If there are too many invoices posted to a single customer in QuickBooks you will experience longer posting times. You may also receive the following error in ESC when posting a POS invoice to QuickBooks:

A payment for Invoice 'xxxxxxxxxx' could not be applied in QuickBooks. Time out while waiting for reply from Server. Posting will continue but you may need to manually apply the payment in QuickBooks.

This can be resolved by creating a new Cash customer in QuickBooks and linking ESC's cash customer to it.

Before You Begin:

Make sure you create a backup of the ESC and QuickBooks databases.


In QuickBooks, rename the current Cash customer. A new name could be Cash and then today's date. Example: Cash01012008.

With the help of an ESC Support Technician, remove the ListID and Account Key for the Cash 0000000 customer from the Customer table.

Now create and post a Point of Sale invoice using the Cash customer to QuickBooks. This will create a new cash customer in QuickBooks and should speed up posting.

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