The following account needs to be entered into QuickBooks


Description of Error:

When a user tries to post invoices from ESC to QuickBooks, they may receive the following error:

The following account needs to be entered into QuickBooks: Undeposited Funds

The error may reference this or some other chart of account even though the programs have been previously integrated and running together without a problem.

Cause or Error:

The most likely cause of this problem is that the account referenced in the error has been renamed, removed or edited in a way that ESC can no longer locate it.


If the account referenced in the error has been renamed in QuickBooks, you'll need to revert the name of the account back to the name displayed in the error. Accounts such as "Accounts Receivable", "Undeposited Funds" and "Sales Tax Payable" cannot go by any other name in QuickBooks or the ESC program will not be able to locate the account.

If the account has been moved to a sub-account position, deactivated or deleted, the account will need to be recreated and placed in its original location.

Once the account has been reverted to its original state in QuickBooks, run the QuickBooks Connection Wizard in ESC's File menu to make sure all accounts in the Chart of Accounts match.

Additional Information:

If you have not yet integrated ESC with QuickBooks and run the integration wizard, you may get this error if you attempt to post an invoice. You must run through the wizard and match all fields as indicated in each segment of the integration wizard. Follow the built-in help documentation in the Getting Started Guide within ESC for more information on this.

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