How Do I Handle a Change Order for a Quote?

Before we begin
  • Any work or equipment that is either added or removed from the original scope of work, and agreed on, is a Change Order
  • Common practice when using Progressive Billing within ESC
  • Change Orders are based off of Quotes originally Accepted in ESC
  • If you are unable to process a change order, it may be a result of your last Progressively Billed Invoice. Please check your last Progressively Billed Invoice and remove the Prepayment. You should then be able to proceed with the Change Order. When finished, go back into the Invoice and re-apply the Prepayment.

1. Find and recall the Quote. You can use the Customer Center, Quote List or Search button to do this.

2. Add the SUB Billing Code on the first blank line to separate the Change Order from the original Quote.

3. Add a DESC Billing Code explaining the reason for the Change Order.

4. Add any parts required by the Change Order.

5. Add the SUB Billing Code, once more. This will show you the total sum of the new parts added.

6. Add your Change Order Material Billing Code (example: CMAT) for the amount shown on the SUB.

7. Delete the SUB Billing Code and set the price of all new parts and material to $0.00.

  • This will ensure all the new material is shown in the Change Order section of all subsequent Invoices

8. Add your Change Order Labor Billing Code (example: CLAB) and Change Order Other Billing Code if required.

  • If adding multiple Billing Codes for Labor or Other, you can repeat steps 4 through 7.

9. Add a SUB Billing Code to show the total of the Change Order.

10. When finished, click Save.

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