How Do I Transfer Inventory Items From One Warehouse to Another?


An important part of tracking inventory is knowing where your items are.  This means that each time a vehicle is restocked, you'll want to tell ESC which items - and how many - were moved.  To do this, you'll head to Inventory → Warehouse Transfer.

This screen will allow you to transfer inventory from one warehouse to another.

  1. Start by selecting a Date for the transfer.
  2. Select the Warehouse you'll be transferring items From and the Warehouse you'll be transferring items To.
  3. Now, select the parts to be transferred.  This can be accomplished different ways:
  • If your items are barcoded, you can scan them into this screen by going to Activities → Scan Inventory Items.  Then scan the barcodes for the items being moved.  You can scan a single barcode more than once to increase the quantity being transferred.
  • Type in the Part Number for every item being moved in the Item field. 
  • Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the Item field to open the Inventory Search screen and then search for and select the items to be transferred.
  • Enter the Quantity for each item entered that will be transferred.
  • If any of the parts you select are serialized, the quantity will be set at one and you will have to enter the Serial number on the same line. You may also enter a Reason for the transfer, if desired.

    After you have entered all the items to be transferred, click Print to produce a report showing the parts that need to be physically moved between warehouses or simply click Save if this has already been done.

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