Provided edit sequence is out of date


Description of Error:

When posting from ESC to QuickBooks, a customer may receive the error:

Provided edit sequence is out of date

After clicking OK on the error, the posting seems to complete and all invoices that should have been posted are found in QuickBooks.

Cause of Error:

This error occurs when QuickBooks thinks another user on the network has modified a record, so that we are not allowed to update it from the ESC side (pessimistic locking).

This error may also be more easily understood by noting that QuickBooks assigns a transaction ID number to to new data entries. If a user was to go into QuickBooks and start to apply a payment to an invoice, QuickBooks could issue a number like 50001 for example to this transaction. While this is occurring, if an invoice is posted from ESC to QuickBooks, QuickBooks would issue this new invoice an ID number of 50002 for example which is ahead of the prior transaction 50001 that is not completed yet. When this occurs, QuickBooks returns the out of sequence error during the posting routine because truly transaction 50002 was completed before 50001 and is out of their regular number sequencing order.


This error is just a warning and not really a problem. The ESC posted invoice transactions did save and the error can safely be cleared without issue. To avoid the error entirely, try posting invoices from ESC to QuickBooks when there will not be anyone working in QuickBooks.

If the problem continues to occur, have all users log out of QuickBooks and try posting invoices again.  If the error still occurs, reboot the machine that houses the QuickBooks database.

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