Why Can't I See All Dispatch Boards?


Electronic Service Control gives you the ability to assign a limited number of Dispatch Boards to users so that those users can only see what has been assigned to them.  This can be great if you don't want your technicians poking around on your Sales Team's board.  

Sometimes, this feature causes confusion with users who know there are more boards available, but cannot see them.  

  1. To view and edit User Dispatch Boards, head to Company → System Setup → Dispatch.
  2. Click the Assign User Dispatch Boards button at the bottom of the window.

  3. In the User Dispatch Boards screen, you will see a full list of users.  Each user may be assigned up to four boards that they are allowed to see.  If no boards are assigned to a user, then that user will be able to see all boards.
  4. Put your mouse into the Board 1 field next to the user you want to assign a board to.  A drop-down arrow will appear to the right of the field, click the arrow to select a board from the list.  Repeat until you have assigned all of the boards to the users you want them assigned to.

  5. You can assign a Dispatcher name to the right of each user in the list.  When a user schedules a dispatch or sets the status of the dispatch, the Dispatcher name for that user will be set in the Dispatcher field of the Dispatch screen's Schedule tab.
  6. When you are finished, click the OK button on the User Dispatch Boards screen and then again on the System Setup screen.
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