ESC Front Office Not Working with Internet Explorer 9


After upgrading to Internet Explorer 9, users may notice that when they log into the ESC Web Front Office, the front office dispatch board may display with a red "X" instead of the normal graphics.

Cause of Issue:

Internet Explorer 9 has some prerequisites that must be met in order to use it with ESC Web Front Office. See below.


Internet Explorer 9 will work with ESC Web Front Office if the following things are set up:

  1. 1.Install Microsoft Silverlight (dispatch board requirement)
  2. 2.Disable the Windows Pop-up blocker (or other third party pop-up blockers) to be able to access the Front Office website (you will need to close and re-open the browser for changes to take effect)
  3. 3.Ensure that Adobe Reader is installed (for reports)

Reboot the computer after making these changes and the Web Front Office will now work with Internet Explorer 9.

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