How Do I Add a Mobile License to My Account?


Adding a mobile user to your license is actually a piece of cake. If you know your dESCO Account credentials, you can simply log into your dESCO Account and add as many users as you need.

The new management screen can be accessed from within two areas of ESC: The Currently Open Company section of the Dashboard and also under Help menu in the top toolbar. You can click on Manage dESCO Account in either area, at which time you will need your company login information. This area of ESC is password protected so that only authorized employees will be able to add licensing for your company. If you do not know your log-in information, contact our office and we can send it to the main contact on your account.

The Manage My dESCO Account screen shows you the current licensing for your account and the current monthly Mobile App fee for your company. In order to add or reassign Mobile App users, click on Change Mobile App Users. The following screen will provide you with a list of the Users setup in your ESC software. If the Technician has not been setup as a User then he/she will not show up in this list so you will want to do that first. This list will show you who is, and who is not, activated for the Mobile App service, which will make tracking these users much easier! You will no longer have to check each User’s individual setup to find out who is activated for this feature.

To activate the Mobile App service for a User, simply check the box to the left of the name. Be sure to uncheck any names that you no longer want activated for the service so you can re-use that license for someone else. This is very important. If you only need 5 licenses, be sure that you only have 5 names checked. Any time you add someone over the existing number of licenses, your monthly payment will automatically increase accordingly. However, if you ever need to decrease the number of Mobile App users, you will need to call or email your request into Simply un-checking users will not decrease the overall number of licenses so please be sure to contact us so that your monthly payments are adjusted properly.

Keep in mind that the Manage dESCO Account screen is only for Mobile App licensing for phones and tablets, not Mobile Laptop Client licensing. The licensing for these services is different and not interchangeable. If you have any questions about ESC’s Mobile services, feel free to contact your Sales Rep at 800-226-7529 for additional information.

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