How to connect to ESC from a remote computer


There are multiple ways in which a workstation outside of your local network can connect to your ESC database.  

The following solutions are ranked in order of effectiveness:

  1. Citrix or Terminal Services – This option allows you to have multiple computers running virtual sessions on your server. This is a fast solution that doesn’t monopolize any computers in the office. Pros: full access to all parts of ESC, fast, access from anywhere. Cons: considerable hardware requirements on the server.
  2. Remote Desktop programs – This solution allows you to take remote control of a computer from just about anywhere. This would give you full access to ESC as well as any other programs on the computer you control. Pros: full access to ESC, requires minor software installation, generally fast. Cons: This option makes the computer you are taking control of useless to anyone else for the duration of the remote session. Examples of these programs include GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, and TeamViewer.
  3. Virtual Private Network (VPN) – This allows you to connect one computer at a remote location to your network. This effectively tricks the remote computer into thinking it is in your office. Pros: full access to every part of the ESC software. Cons: must be manually configured on each computer you will remote in from, is generally too slow (although really good bandwidth at the office and the remote location could alleviate this).

Additional Information:

dESCO is unable to provide any technical support on the setup or troubleshooting of remote connections to an ESC database. If there are questions on how to implement any part of the configuration as indicated above, we recommend obtaining the services of a qualified computer/network technician.

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