Error Sending: Sending failed at the socket level.


Description of Error:

Periodically when emailing out from ESC or during the process of email paging, a user may receive the following error message:

Error Sending: Sending failed at the socket level. The socket may have been closed abruptly or timed out

After clicking OK on the error, ESC clears the screen but the email has not been set. Resending the email a second time will simply reproduce the error.

Cause of Error:

This error may be returned for various reasons. It could be related to a time out issue to a mail server, disconnects or network problems causing disconnects or potentially other system problems. ESC is returning this error because of a failure to connect to the mail system or to send the message out through the network and is just the programs way of warning that the email process has failed.


Try temporarily disabling any antivirus or firewall programs on your local machine and then resending an email from ESC. If the same error occurs, then you will want to re-enable those programs. If the email sends successfully and no error occurs, then you'll need to make adjustments to your anti-virus or firewall program to allow access to your outgoing email server.

It is recommend to have a qualified network technician check out the network or related systems to see if the problem causing the time outs or disconnects can be identified.

Additional Information:

This problem may not manifest in the same way when sending regular email. This is because regular email may be cached and if a failure to deliver occurs, it will attempt to resend at a later time and may not return error messages.

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