How Do I Enter a New License Key?


Any time you add features to your Electronic Service Control license, we'll send you a new License Key that will unlock these features within your database. You will receive your new License Key in the form of an email, which may look something like this:


Please find your new ESC license key below.

The following license key will unlock Electronic Service Control with these associated features:

License Key 11/6/2025: MDOxDAxNgyXUEzNgcAAAA=
Electronic Dispatching
Turn On (Not Evaluation)
Deluxe Features
2 User License

Getting the new License Key into your database is quick and easy.  

  1. Start by highlighting the License Key contained in the email and then right-click on it, select Copy.
  2. Open ESC and log in to the desired company.
  3. Go to the Help menu and select About.
  4. Click the License button.
  5. Right-click into the field provided and select Paste. The License Key should be pasted into the field.
  6. Click OK on the License box, and then on the About screen.

Depending on the type of license you are entering and any new features that are being added, ESC may prompt you to close and reopen the program in order for the changes to take effect. All other users on the network will need to do the same.

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