How Can I Update My ESC Flat Rate Prices?


This utility allows you to recalculate the price of any flat rate repair that was created within ESC.

If you wish to make changes to your pricing options before updating your rates, you can do so by going to Company → System Setup → Inventory → Flat Rate Setup.  This screen will allow you to change your labor rate, trip charge, tax code and discount percentages. You can modify these values if needed.

Flat rate repairs created in ESC use the Price A amount of the part or the assembly as the material component of the flat rate price. It makes sense to make sure these are up-to-date before recalculating your flat rate prices.  You can recalculate your material prices using the Update Inventory Pricing utility. 

When you're ready to update the flat rate prices of your inventory items, you'll head to Inventory → Update Inventory Flat Rate Pricing.  You can specify a particular Category and/or Manufacturer or leave both fields blank to update all flat rate prices. Click Update to begin updating your prices.

Note: Flat Rate Parts that have been imported from a third-party flat rate pricing system will not be updated. To update those prices, modify the values in your flat rate system then import the parts again.  For information on importing from a third party Flat Rate provider, view Import Flat Rate Pricing from a Third Party Provider.

After your prices have been updated you will probably want to print new flat rate price books using the Flat Rate Price Book report under the Inventory → Reports menu. 

Note: Any mobile technician using the ESC Laptop Client for Windows will need to re-provision their device to download the latest pricing information. Technicians using the ESC Mobile Tech app for iOS or Android will automatically see the updated information when adding items to an invoice or quote.

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