How Can I Order Parts for Posted Agreement Dispatches?


The Order Parts for Posted Dispatches feature will assist you in generating purchase orders for the items on your agreement dispatches.  You'll start by making sure the necessary items are added to your agreements and that your agreements are scheduled to post to the dispatch board.  Once you post your agreements, you'll head to the Order Parts for Posted Dispatches option to push all of the items on those dispatches to a purchase order.

How Do I Add Items to my Agreements?

The Order Parts for Posted Dispatches screen won't order parts for just any dispatch. It specifically looks at dispatches that were posted from the Agreements module. 

  1. Start by going to the Agreement List.
  2. Click Add Agreement to start a new agreement, or search for and double-click the Agreement you wish to edit.

  3. Open the Schedule tab.
  4. If this is a new Agreement, you'll click the Add New Schedule Item button.  If a task is already setup for this item, you'll double-click on the task to edit it.

  5. In the Edit Schedule Item screen, open the Task Details tab at the top.
  6. You'll see a Parts tab in the lower half of the screen.

  7. Use the Quantity and Item fields to add the items necessary for the technician to perform the service. The Description field will be filled in automatically once the item is selected.
  8. Click OK on the Edit Schedule Item screen and then be sure to Save the Agreement.

When this particular task is posted to a dispatch, the parts added to the Parts tab of the Task will be carried to the Parts tab of the Dispatch screen. To view these parts, recall the dispatch in the Dispatch screen and switch to the Parts tab.

Generating the Purchase Order

Since generating a purchase order for every individual dispatch would be unnecessarily time-consuming, you'll want to head to the Agreements menu and select Order Parts for Posted Dispatches. A dialog box will appear where you'll be asked to choose a beginning date. This date should be the earliest date you have dispatches scheduled for.

For example: If you just posted all agreements for the month of April, you may select 04/01/2012 as your "beginning" date and all dispatches with a Promise Date of 4/1/2012 and beyond will be included.

Once you have selected your date and clicked OK, the next screen you'll see is the Order Parts screen. All parts collected from your posted dispatches will be listed, along with their quantities. If any item has a Preferred Vendor assigned, the Vendor name will automatically be displayed as well as the total quantity that needs to be ordered.

You'll need to assign a vendor name in the Vendor column for any item that does not already have an assigned vendor. Next, you'll select either Add New or an existing Purchase Order Number under the PO column. By selecting a Purchase Order Number, you may assign these items to an existing, open purchase order for the assigned vendor. Once you have each item assigned to a vendor and purchase order, you may click the Create and Edit button, which will move all of the items to a new purchase order and display it on the screen to be edited; or you may click the Create All button, which will generate a new purchase order for each individual vendor in the list of items.

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