What Are Dispatch Types?


What Do Dispatch Types Do?

Dispatch Types allow you to specify whether a dispatch should be Billable or not.  When a 'Billable' Dispatch Type is used on a dispatch it will immediately change the label above it to let you know this is a Billable dispatch.

Later, when the dispatch is completed, it will appear in the Uninvoiced View of the Dispatch List until an invoice is generated from that dispatch.

If a non-billable Dispatch Type is used on a dispatch, it will not appear in this list after it has been completed. This can be ideal when creating dispatches to track quotes or a technician's time off.


Adding New Types

To create a new dispatch type, go to Dispatch → Enter Dispatch Types.  

Click the Add New button. Give the Type a Name and set the Billable check box as desired.


Removing Dispatch Types

Once a Dispatch Type has been used on any record, it can no longer be deleted from your system.  However, you can make a type inactive if you no longer want it to show on the Dispatch screen.  To do so, head to Dispatch → Enter Dispatch Types.  Double-click on the Type you wish to make inactive and then remove the check from the Active box; click OK.

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